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In a time where we are facing an ever-growing concern over climate change, there is an urgent need to protect the decreasing land available for wildlife habitation. Now more than ever, conservation efforts need to focus on educating and helping local communities with their livestock numbers, their grazing programs and how best they can look after their environment to protect the wildlife and landscapes for future generations.

The Borana Conservancy is a non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the sustainable conservation of critical habitat and wildlife. Below are some of the projects in which the conservancy has invested. By donating directly to these projects you can be assured that your money will go straight to the source and we encourage you to visit the projects over the course of your stay to see the difference your financial investment has made. For more information about the Conservancy, its ethos and the projects it supports – please click here.

How Your Money Will Help

$200 – School desks
$315 – Ranger Uniforms
$480 – Fuel for Mobile Clinic Vehicle for six months
$500 – Student secondary school bursary for a year
$2,000 – Primary school teachers salary for a year
$2,250 – Secondary school teachers salary for a year
$2,350 – Student tertiary education for a year
$8,000 – Nurse salary for a year
$10,000 – Black Rhino Sponsorship and Naming Programme, we keep your chosen name of the black rhino for life and you will receive quarterly reports on its progress.

The above amounts are in US dollars.

Borana Mobile Health Clinic

The clinic on average treats 700 patients per month and travels over 1600km’s. The clinic provides basic health care, health lectures, HIV Aids awareness, antenatal advice, child immunisation programmes and family planning to all members of the local community. The clinic consists of two nurses and a driver, together they visit 10 communities on a two week rotation. Given the current crisis we are facing and the lack of basic health care in these communities, The Borana Conservancy is doing all it can to keep this small but impactful health clinic running which is the top priority at the moment.

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Borana Education Support Programme (BESP)

The Borana Education Support Programme (BESP) works closely with local communities inspiring the lives and futures of children. Since 2009, over 400 scholarships have been given to students from the neighbouring communities and the salaries of over 100 teachers supported.

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Ranger Support

Ranger Support is a huge part of Borana’s conservation efforts and the team consists of over 100 male and female rangers employed from the local communities. The Lewa-Borana Landscape is now home to over 200 black and white rhino and  and the rangers work tirelessly night and day all year round to keep them safe. Guests staying on Borana Conservancy are able to join an armed unit of the anti-poaching team on their evening deployment to learn more about their training, their daily duties and to spend time with these unsung heroes. We would be grateful if you would like to support the ranger team with rations, uniform or training. Borana Conservancy is proud to report no poaching incidents in the last six years.

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Water Reticulation

Whilst Borana has a number of dams, the intra-species competition (particularly between rhino) means that the areas surrounding these water points are over browsed. Across the Conservancy, there are areas where water reticulation must be improved for black rhino and all other species to prosper. In order to this requires new water points, pipelines and upgrading the existing boreholes with solar power. Fundamentally this will increase available habitat for dispersing young male black rhinos who are establishing new territories as well as opening up habitat for other species.

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Gratefully received

If you have room in your suitcase, the below items are gratefully received by the schools and medical clinics and we encourage you to deliver them personally during your stay:

Footballs, Pens, Pencils, Books, Medical Equipment and Reading Glasses.